Do I need two resumes to apply for different positions?

In all likelihood, no. Your profile statement should be written so that you can simply replace a few words and target the resume.

How well do you know my field or industry? What about keywords and phrases?

We have provided documents for clients in a large variety of industries, including private, public, and government. This is a serious process and we expect you to be a part of a collaboration. If our writers are unfamiliar with your particular position; we do research and confer with you.

What is your turn-around time?

We typically produce a basic draft with 3-7 business days, depending on workload and the amount of information that you provide to us. The time frame to completion is 30 days maximum. When you respond to our requests for information, we try to turn the revision around immediately.

Why don’t you provide samples?

After discovering our documents on scam sites, we no longer provide our work for others to copy. Please read our reviews. Our clients are surveyed approximately 45-60 days after final documents. We are interested in how your documents performed and in your comments. The survey provides an area for a review for our website. Many contribute and we are very appreciative.

Can I call someone you have done a resume for as a reference?

I do not now, nor have I ever, asked my clients to take reference calls. I believe that is an unwarranted invasion of their time and privacy. We survey our clients regularly and the statistics show our documents to have an 92% to 96% success ratio. We have maintained that range for the past three years.


Can I send you my old resume and you tell me if you can help me?

We offer an evaluation service. Click on Let’s Begin and choose the Resume Review. We also offer you a discount towards a new resume.

My career spans over 20 years. How much information should I provide?

Most reviewers are not interested in seeing aged history over 10 years, unless it is pertinent and not superseded by advanced positions/qualifications in history that is more recent.

I have been out of the job market for several years, can you help?

Yes. We do resumes for many people who are uncertain of where their career path may be. We draw from the information you provide about your activities, interests, and previous positions. We collaborate with you to enhance your abilities and skills. In most cases, you know more than you realize.

I have a resume that just needs updating. Do I need to purchase the complete package?

We provide only packages. Resumes have supporting documents. If you choose not to use them, you are limiting your job search.

How do I know which package is best for me?

Our packages are detailed. Please read the descriptions, which include document length limitations.

Is there a difference in a government resume and a civilian resume?

A government resume will contain specifically required information, e.g. supervisor name and contact information, your social security number and salary information,etc…. We recommend that you fill these details in on the government form rather than stating it on the document. . There are many different requirements for government resumes. We work with those requirements and produce the necessary format.

Can you help me translate my military experience into a civilian resume?

Time to leave the uniform? 


Let us draft a high impact military exit resume demonstrating how your experience is absolutely transferable to a civilian position. We can highlight the experience, skills, and accomplishments that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.

How do I know I need to choose the Advanced IT instead of the Professional resume?

The Advanced IT is not Upper Management; however, this resume is lengthier, providing more technical expertise and experience. If your experience is not limited to help desk support, PC repair, or basic networking, please choose this option.

What do you mean by blueprint draft?

By answering our questionnaire or interview form and/or by providing any previous history via attachments, we produce a blueprint of the resume. It will contain the elements for the draft marked up to draw your attention to specific details; areas that need to be enhanced or made more comprehensive; keyword choices, etc… After receiving your feedback, a draft is sent to you for perusal and any possible revisions you may request. After approval of the draft, we will produce the final documents.

Why can’t I first speak with the writer?

Our writers are busy and focused. We use the blueprint method to produce a document quickly so that we have a starting place from which to collaborate with you. Based on client feedback, our documents are very successful. We, of course, will speak with you anytime you call; however, we prefer revisions and comments by email as it gives us and you a paper trail through editing and provides our proof reading one as well. We strive to make your documents as effective as possible and your collaboration makes that possible.

Do I really need to include months in addition to the dates of my employment history?

Yes.  Leaving out the months makes your history appear very vague and is left up to the reader's judgment. This raises a red flag and the reader assumes you are hiding gaps in your employment.

Why don't you provide hard copies or CD's?

We no longer provide hard copies or CD's. Many of our clients tell us that they do not use hard copies and we chose not to add anymore to the landfills. CD's get scratched and corrupt over time. We recommend a flash or thumb drive which is more convenient and can be attached to a key ring for convenience.

Are you local?

We no longer offer a storefront. As technology has significantly progressed over the years it has become more efficient to collaborate using the Internet and therefore no longer supporting an expensive overhead; however, Geographically, we are set up to fulfill local, national, and international accounts. We believe in offering our services to our clients in a one-on-one collaboration as we have always done. 

Didn't find your answer?

If you have further questions, please contact us at . or give us a call at 1+ (800) 285-3291. We respond to emails quickly.